Design and Production for Television
Animation for "Greek" TV show (Disney/ ABC Family).
I was contracted for two spots Season 3, to create 3D animated footage to imitate multi-player console games.

  • Blast Rally: Created for Season 3, Episode 8: "Fight the Power," starting at 24:30.

  • Wing War: Season 3, Episode 11: "I know what you did last semester," starting at 29:05.

  • Character Animation for Games
      SHOT LIST:
  • Dancer for Harmonix Music
        System's Dance Central
        (pre-dev team, 0 - 0:15).

  • Explorer, Five Monsters,
        and a rig for BodSix's
        Map Monsters
        (0:16 - 0:33, 1:18 - 1:57).

  • Hero and Baby Cthuloid
        for Fire Hose Games'
        Slam Bolt Scrappers
        (0:34 - 0:58, 0:59 - 1:17).

    Models, rigs, and animation by Jason Wiser. Hero designed in collaboration with Jacques Pena.

  • Release Trailer
    "Slam Bolt Scrappers" - PS3 game. Created with a team of three others:

    Medieval/Fantasy Modeling, Texturing, and Unreal integration:

    Rock 'n Roll Environment:

    Modeling, Texturing, and Animation
    (3ds max and Maya, UVs and texture maps displayed at the end):


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