"How to Teach Five Semesters of Game Design in One Course"
Game Developers Conference 2019
5:30pm Monday, March 18, Room 2014, West Hall

      Excellent --- Percentage: 81%
      Total Headcount: 144 (number people scanned for session)
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            Your session is ranked 2 of 15
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Attendees provide conference organizers with additional written feedback on your talk, which we're also sharing with you. Please take heart from the positive comments and look for learning in any less positive (but hopefully constructive!) ones. Your comments are below:

      "Still speechless and trying to digest the talk. Awesome talk and looking to communicate with the speaker."

      "I came to this talk to scoff at the audacity of trying something so ridiculous. Now I’m considering upending my whole curriculum."

      "Very informative and energetic."

      "Thanks for a great talk!"

      "One of the best education summit talks I have seen."

      "Clear and concise, with a practical and efficient method of introducing multiple core-concepts of game design and production from start to finish within an educational setting."

      "Super informative! Loved the humor too!"

      "The talk was excellent. Jason was articulate, charming and informative. He delivered on the promise of the talk and stayed to talk with interested developers until all questions had been answered. Great speaker, great developer, great teacher with so much to share."

      "Excellent talk!! Fast paced, engaging, but well structured and very easy to follow. Jason Wiser's enthusiasm is contagious. Genuinely imteresting insight into many useful techniques for teaching well-rounded game design that shares more than one method of learning for each relevant skill and many opportunities for students to make mistakes that can be uplifted and supported. I loved that it didn't stick with the teachings of one game design expert, but rather combined the philosphies of several great devs and acknowledged the contributions of each. I also would've preferred a longer talk format and a longer Q+A session as the wrap up went on for a few hours after the talk itself."

      "Great speaker. Shared all of his materials. Incredibly useful and applicable."

      "I think everyone really wanted to see the trailer for the game that Jason wanted to show, it's too bad there was no one on hand to help him with his technical issue. Other than that the presentation was enjoyable and informative. I could see myself attending a longer session on this, like a 45 minute talk + 15 minutes of questions, since there were some subjects of the presentation that were glossed over in the interest of time."

      "Very enjoyable presentation. Material is helpful."


      "The best of the day."

      "I greatly appreciated the methodology introduced in this talk. If I carefully look at my notes, I feel like I could try to teach a course in a similar way!"

      "The speaker was very engaging, well-spoken, and energetic about game design education."

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